Obituary of Ellen Marie Stavlund (Johnson)
by Ruth A. Johnson, Contributing Editor, "The Standard", Axtell Kansas, Thursday, July 16, 1936 Edition

Mrs. Ellen Marie Stavlund was born Feb. 2, 1891, in Chicago, Ill. She was baptized as a child and confirmed in the Hinsdale, Ill., Mission Church in June 1906. She came to Axtell with her parents, Rev. and Mrs J. Wm. Johnson in 1907. Oct. 29, 1909, she was united in marriage to Mr. Lars Stavlund. To this union were born five children of which two died in infancy. After a long illness she passed on to be with her God the morning of July 7th. The ones who feel the loss most heavily are her husband, Lars Stavlund, her children, Ivar, Arnold and Mildred, and her parents, Rev. and Mrs. Johnson. A host of relatives and friends also mourn her passing.

In the Mission Church her leaving is felt very keenly. Her interests have always been in the Lord's work, and she was ever willing to do more than her share. In all branches of church work she took part with loving interest. A true child of God she had her whole being centered around the worthwhile things in life. Even tho her last years wer burdened with illness, she was always cheerful and kept the faith to the end. Truly, her reward shall be great in heaven, as is promised the ones who serve their Master faithfully.

The fragrance of the rose and the beauty of the flower still haunt the air in the passing of a kind and tender friend. Oh, the inexpressible charm that hovered around this simple, chaste and pure Christian character, graced with a spirit of mellow gentleness. The impress of the cross, the holy evidence of having died to something that was strong and proud, but now humble at the foot of the cross, the heavenly charm of this dear sister in the Lord, once a broken spirit, now a contrite heart, her music set in tune with the will of our heavenly father and touched by the divine sun, became ripened fruit for eternal happiness and peace.

Some 25 years ago her kind foster-parents, Rev. and Mrs. Wm. Johnson, then pastor of the Mission Church, built an earthly tabernacle for the Lord and the saints found it good to dwell therein, for God blessed this work and the sanctuary of the heart and soul were well nourished with spiritual manna. We thank Thee, Lord, that amid Thy gallery of great women we have this precious mother who was the wife of song and the mother of good cheer. How dark our homes would be without song, how often have we conquered by the singing of a hymn. May the power of prayer be ever magnified thru her children and devoted husband. She sang in the nursery that her children may start life with joy, and her song by the fireside brushed the husnad's cares away. May the memory of her songs remain as a bright and shining light for all.

Funeral services were held from the home Thursday afternoon, July 9, conducted by Rev. Bertil Eklund, who read Rom. 8:31-39. The hymn "O harliga dag" was sung, and Miss Harriet Toren sang, "I Have Anchored My Soul," At the church Rev. Bertil Eklund spoke on Genisis 5:24, using as his theme, "A Walk Thru Life With God." The quartet sang "A Wonderful Savior is Juesus My Lord," and Miss Harriet Toren rendered the beautiful Swedish song, "Han skall oppna parleporten."

The large attendance (the church being packed and many standing outside) and the beautiful floral offering spoke in silent tribute to the memory of the deceased.

Interment was made at the Mission cemetery where the quartet sang "Rock of Ages." Here she will rest till the day of resurrection. May God's peace rest over her beautiful memroy.