Genealogy - Help Me Help You

Here are a few ways that anyone can help contribute to this site. Regardless of whether you are a Stavlund, Storzbach or Poad.

Write a biography or short story:

Do you have a remembrance of someone or somehting? Tell us more about the people in these trees by writing a biography. Here are two examples written by your cousins:

Remembrance of Lars Stavlund, by Ron Nelson
Short biography of Emory B. Jones, by Clarke Poad

Contribute your own digital documents and pictures:

If you have a scanner or camera at home and can take pictures or notes of your artifacts and historical documents or letters... share them with the whole family by emailing me the high resolution versions.

Email me with corrections:

It's hard to stay on top of all the new babies, husbands and wives lately! Please email me any updates you have for the family trees.

Dig in and help me limn out these descendant trees:

The Descendants of Jeremiah Griffin Buell
The Descendants of Joseph Storzbach