Remembrance of Lars Stavlund
by Ron Nelson

My Mom, Millie, was also raised in a Christian home. Her parents were Lars and Ellen Stavlund, my grand-parents. They loved the Lord and played their guitars together at church in a "string quartet". All three of Lars and Ellens children chose to follow the Lord.

Grandpa Lars, after he has sold his farm in the 50's lived with his boys Ivar and Arnold in Rockford Il. during the warm months on their farms. Grandpa would spend the cold winter months in Lincoln with my parents. Our house was not large, so Doug & I shared the large attic bedroom with Grandpa. Often he would come to bed after us, and sometimes having not fallen asleep, I would hear him talking to his heavenly father out loud, and he would pray for his children, his grandchildren and later on his great-grandchildren and mention each of us by name. That does something to you when you hear it! He was the only grandparent that was living during my lifetime.